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October 6, 2008

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Have you ever been so in love or infatuated with someone, that you want to tell everyone about your love…but you don’t dare tell anyone as your love is a type of “Forbidden Love” and you are afraid that some people will look down on your relationship or even try to take the person away from you somehow:
“I know we don’t belong, everyone says it’s wrong
We come from different ways, so I tried to erase everything that I felt
Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more
Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for”


We call this situation “Forbidden Love“, and it is a fairly widespread phenomenon! It’s a love that perseveres in the face of disapproval from others, whether it be overcoming bigotry, the judgment of friends and family or the pressures of society. To describe the pain and pressures that such judgment and disapproval can inflict, in the video we use captions such as “outcast,” “shamed,” “misunderstood,” “disowned,” “scorned,” “denied,” “resented,” “discharged,” and “questioned.” As we all know, love conquers all, and “the kiss,” which also symbolizes the love, gives you strength so that you “don’t care anymore” what others will think, say or do! In fact, you will probably say and feel that “I wish the world could hear” about your Forbidden Love story!  Post it here!
“My heart is getting loud
I’m trying to keep it down
I wish the world could hear
But I can’t help but fear that they’ll take you away, you away…
Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more
Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for
From the kiss, from the kiss”

That, in essence, is the theme of our song, The Kiss. The couples featured in our music video of The Kiss, and, in particular, the three couples featured in the video interviews below, are sharing their stories of Forbidden Love, and we want to give you an opportunity to share yours as well, and to inspire, and even help, others!

Karmina’s song The Kiss was influenced by Shakespeare’s classic story Romeo and Juliet and you will even find certain of his prose intertwined in the song’s lyrics:
“Palm to palm, let lips do what hands do
They pray
Is it a sin to do what we want to?
Don’t care where we’ve been, give me my sin again”

We will be choosing select Forbidden Love stories for a video interview and, for an even more select few, a media appearance with Karmina!

Please share YOUR story in our Forbidden Love Blog, below. We really look forward to hearing from you!!

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33 Responses to “Share your forbidden love story”

  1. karminaforbiddenlove Says:

    Post your stories here!

  2. Eddie Louise Says:

    28 years ago Sunday I married the boy who changed my life with his kiss.

    I was just 17 years old when he strode into my life, place a kiss on the back on my neck and said you have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. It was 1979, and his actions prompted an argument on women’s rights and how demeaning it is to be treated as a piece of meat.

    We argued in between kisses for 6 months, and then got pregnant. My fellow feminists argued for abortion or adoption because I was too young to ‘throw my life away’. My parents talked of shipping me off the one of those ‘pregnancy farms’ that are so common in the West.

    We chose love and married against all the advice, and all the doom-sayers. When we kissed we knew, and still know that we are meant to be together.

    Was it hard to be a wife and mother at 18? Yes.
    It was made harder than it had to be by the disapproval and scorn heaped on us by well meaning, moralizing, busy bodies!

    However, 28 years later it is GREAT to be a grandmother at 45, a novelist and composer currently writing my 2nd novel and the libretto for my 1st opera which I am writing with my husband… the boy who kissed me and changed my life!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My story isn’t over yet. It involves the forbidden love between a teacher and his student.

    I am 15 years old, he is 34. Society tells us that we cannot be together. We are not aloud to say how we feel about each other, but I know. I can tell in his voice, in his eyes, in his touch. I know.

    One day I hope that we can beat the odds, that we can set aside our fears and go for it, like so many people mentioned here have been able to do.

    Your song is inspiring. It gives me the hope that our love will ultimately conquer everything else.

  4. Tdogg Says:

    Forbidden love. I know of that. Finally coming out of my own dark and confining closet in 2004, I embraced my sexuality and attraction for other women. I entered the realm of same-sex dating, hoping to explore the world and see what I missed out on in my youth, so many long years ago. Unexpectedly, love found me in the eyes of a beautiful woman, beautiful inside and out.

    Of course, I wanted to tell everyone. I longed to run up and down my street, knocking on doors and declaring my undying love and passion for this incredible human being. But the world wasn’t so ready to hear. At least, not all the world. Some of my family and friends, my ‘loved ones’ did feel my love was forbidden and wrong, sinful and unacceptable. Still today, I have lost at least one friend forever and am alienated from some of my closest family members. It hurts to think they may never know the person I am in love with. It hurts to think they feel I will end up in hell. It hurts.

    But of course, the joy of my ‘forbidden love’ so outweighs the hurt. My beloved and I were married in a beautiful and perfect ceremony at our state’s Capitol. We were surrounded by many loving and supportive family and friends, and my precious uncle walked me down the rose-studded path to the gazebo, in place of my father who was not there. As we walked, the beautiful voices of Karmina accompanied us to the spot where we would be married. Singing to us of our forbidden love, and agreeing that we wanted the whole world to hear. What a perfect melody to start off the ceremony, perfect in beauty and in truth. As I joined the hand of my beloved, and the minister began our ceremony, I felt no hurt or pain. I felt nothing of forbidden love, only of the great love and tremendous joy that my wife and I were able to be joined together and legally be a couple. It was an unforgettable day, and no matter what happens to our case of equality here in California, no one will be able to take away our joy, our love, that wonderful day, or our marriage certificate!

    Thank you Karmina, for creating the perfect song in The Kiss, which spoke to my heart and told the truth of my own story of forbidden love.

  5. hailstorm Says:

    How can people of two different world share one common love? What does it really mean when you say forbidden love? Was it the case of Romeo and Juliet thingy? Does it still exists these days?

    “I know we don’t belong, everyone says it’s wrong.
    We come from different ways, so I tried to erase everything that I felt.
    Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more
    Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for”

    This song is my strength each time i am on the brink to give up hope…these words are my reason to go on…these rhymes had internalized my heart to keep the love despite all the storm…

    My love story was not a typical one that u can read on love novels. It all started at the onset when online gaming was just starting to invade the internet world. We both live so far away but would usually spend a lot of sleepless nights together. We created a digital world in which we grew strong and powerful that earned us both respect and popularity to the point that we reached the Game Masters to the Game Admin position. We married in game and kept the happy relationship going for quite some time…

    “I know we don’t belong, everyone says it’s wrong.
    We come from different ways, so I tried to erase everything that I felt”

    Some people told us we deserve someone better, someone more real and not just pixels… three things that hinders us the most – distance, age and beliefs. He is an atheist, I am religious. Each day, comes more and more reason to say “stop loving the guy, he will just hurt you and he is not worthy for you”.

    At one time, he gave up…feeling helpless that he cant have me for real and find another girl nearby. It was a very painful death for me but what can I do? I cant defeat fate and distance. We fight for some time and were torn apart by our very own friends that betrayed us. Despite the fact that there were a lot of hurting words being said, our love found a way to keep the friendship. We both have failed relationships after that…

    Out of nowhere, we found each other again still having the same feeling we had. We decided to give it another chance and this time, our love had grown stronger in time. We are not anymore afraid of the storm and we are now working to make our digital love story come to life.

    “Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more.
    Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for”

    We don’t care anymore of how much fate has challenged us or how much people will look down on us or criticize us. What matters most to us for now is that we love each other and we are not willing to give it up this time – despite distance, despite time…

  6. sgirl Says:

    mine is not yet figured out. it is one that scares me. I found someone who has help me figure out who I am and has let me see I can trust and love again. our love is not shown to each other but when we touch,hug,also look at each other I know I we belong together even though we are both scared and never felt this way before about anyone else we kiss I fall in love again with this person and everything else is nothing. we kiss and we fall in heaven together and never want to leave. I hope we live toether forever. no matter who trys to take my love away from me. I just hope we don’t let fer get in the way of our forbidden love.

  7. Maaike Says:

    I’m Maaike.
    I’m bisexual
    This is my short story.

    2 years ago I met a girl.
    I fall in love with her. I didn’t even know that I could fall in love with a girl. She was so perfect.
    We kissed, we danced and she showed me what it was to be truly in love. And when I told my best friend I had a relationship with that girl, she freaked out. Yelled at me, was angry.
    I tried to talk to her but she didn’t want to see me ever again.
    I lost many friends, my father can’t stand me, but I don’t care.
    I love her, she loves me, and I don’t need more then that.

    It’s our forbidden love.
    No one can take me away from her.
    I’ll love her until I die ❤

  8. Benjamin Says:

    so long i was friends with this girl.
    years and finally for christmas i gave her my heart. i told her how i felt but we were young to young. we were so different it was intensive the feelings i had for her i was into the drug crowd at school. i was a thief. a pusher. a user. and even though i couldnt see it i was killing myself mostly mentally but death was my way out.
    she was so different. so innocent and pure. a goodie. an achiever. and finally by february 13th i realized what i had to do. i told her it could never work, how it couldnt work we were both so different and so opposite her friends hated me, i hated them and there “type”. i told her that i loved her to much to ruin that and i ment it, it couldnt be….

    valentines day i awoke and felt sick just awful and then that night she brought me cookies as a gift so we sat on my bed, with tears bottling up and then she kissed me. it was the most amazing and powerful thing i have ever felt. breathe taking and since that day we have been together and we are both so happy.

  9. Lauren Says:

    My story is still being written and hopefully will have a happy ending.
    Most people laugh when I tell them this, but the first thing to attract me about a person is their eyes. In sixth grade, I had a huge crush on a tall, lanky boy with the clearest blue eyes I’d ever seen. When I was 13, I was very close to falling in love with a boy who was two months younger but very much the brother I never had. His eyes were the same shade of brown as mine, and I think that’s what did it for me. See, I keep secrets, a lot of them. If his eyes mirrored mine, what secrets was he holding inside?
    I never found out. He liked me, I could tell, but we went to different high schools and I’m one grade ahead of him. I eventually got over him. Then, in my sophomore year of high school, everything changed.
    I’m a part of my school’s basketball team, and one of the girls was/is a lesbian and has been out since her freshman year, when I was in 8th grade. Her eyes are the most stunning blue-grey, and they captivated me in stages until I was in much too deep to back out. One night, I started thinking thoughts I’d never had before. I thought about touching her, holding her. Kissing her. I was so damn scared. It was November of 2007. I was fifteen.
    It’s now January of 2009, I’m sixteen, and she graduates in May. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. I’m still in the closet, because my parents aren’t exactly anti-gay but they don’t proudly support it, either. A few of my friends know, and they’re all fine with it. I’m trying to gather the courage to come out to my parents. Hopefully everything will work out alright. I love her, I really do. This video and others like it make me feel better about myself, especially in a society that believes loving another woman (or man) isn’t “normal”. Thank you for that.

  10. Concerned Says:

    So me I have no love story but I have read yours. While I found some inspiring others I myself found disturbing…For instance the 15 year old and the 34 year old…Is this what your music is promoting? At first I did like the song, some of the lyrics I didn’t necessarily agree with, but most of the ideas I understood so I wanted to investigate what the love stories were. I do not agree with same sex relationships, but also I don’t feel the need to look down on or treat people who feel the are homosexual any differently and have very close friends who have chosen that lifestyle. Also I myself am the product of a mixed nationality marriage (my father is black and my mother white) and I too think that our society or maybe just the world in general puts MUCH too much emphasis on color. Still I was completely disturbed by this young girl confessing her relationship with her teacher. Does she understand how big a difference 19 years really makes? That he is in a completely different life stage wanting completely different things and how selfish it is of him to keep her from all she could be doing? If they are so in love why don’t they wait three years, just being friends and see how she feels then? Maybe after she’s met knew people and made some plans for her own life that don’t involve other peoples influences. I know she will earnestly defend her love and feel as if this comment is just someone labeling her as a child, but if she does ever read this just know that I am not much older than yourself but at one time was in a very similar situation and was hurt in so many ways it would be impossible to tell them all here, so just keep in mind that you have your whole life ahead of you….some mistakes are best to learn from first hand, trust me this is not one of them.

  11. promise. Says:

    “Wait for me.”
    “You will won`t you?”
    “You remember don`t you?”

    These words run through my mind..too..too many times each day.
    They consume me.
    Take over and make any other thoughts powerless.

    It all began over this past summer.
    When my best friends brother,his new wife and her 2 kids had to move back in
    with their parents.

    Okay..well it seemed that everyone..with the exception of myself..had noticed
    the crush that my best friends “new nephew” had developed upon me.
    Well as the summer went by..I did begin to notice..after some time..we began to get
    rather close..he had became one of my very best friends..although he didn`t exactly feel
    the same way..i tryed not to pay attention.

    I didn`t want to hurt him.
    Or get myself into i left it alone.

    Days,weeks passed and I just could not help but begin to care for him.
    He started to get close and it wasn`t right..or so the family would say.
    They told me that he liked me way to much and that I needed to break it to him that he
    needed to stop following me around and hanging all over me..i felt terrible..i did not want
    to hurt fact that was the very last thing on this earth that i wanted to do.
    So I told my best friend and her family that i would break it to him easily.

    What my best and her family did not know was that every possible chance that the
    “new nephew” and myself got..we would secretly go in other rooms when no one was around
    and kiss.
    Terrible I know.
    We were addicted to each other.
    We spent all of our time together when i was there and everyone started to notice.
    After some time..we both realized that we needed to be more careful.

    We needed to be more cautious..and your probably wondering why?
    Well that is because he is 14 and I`am 19.
    I cannot believe that this has happened to me.

    I have fallen completely and madly in love with him.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is the most amazing person I
    have ever came across…and I`am so thankful that I met him.
    He has changed me in so many ways.
    I know that there is a huge age gap between us but,to be honest I DO NOT CARE.
    I love him so very much.

    He gets me.
    I could tell him anything and everything.
    He understood me..the way no one else ever has..or ever will I`m afraid.

    We both understood that this was crazy and that there was no way that we could be together.
    So we made a promise to each other..that when he turned matter who we were dating
    that we would leave them to be with each other…as simple as that..huh?

    Not so.

    It`s a few short days until February.
    I haven`t spoken to him or seen him since October.
    We don`t talk anymore..and it breaks my heart.
    There has not been one single solitary day that has gone by that i haven`t thought about him.
    I`m lost without him..and I can`t do this without him.
    I would give anything to be able to see him or speak to him but,it`s hard when he doesn`t
    live with my friend anymore.

    Sometimes I just get so depressed and I know that he is the only one that can make me
    feel better..and i just get these insane urges to call him or text him..but I know he won`t talk to me.
    And it`s all my fault..things got kind of bad..when he was about to move..we didn`t get to see each other
    as much but,we would talk just wasn`t enough though.

    The last time I kissed him was the day he was moving..and I thought that my world was ending.
    I could see it crumbling right in front of my eyes…and sadly I could not do anything about it.

    I honestly don`t remember everything I said to him..but I do know it was along the lines of..
    “just forget me..its not going to work”
    And I think he took it to heart and he really did forget me.
    Sometimes I wonder if he would still be in my life if I would have never said anything.
    I guess I`ll never know.

    Also during our secret summer love affair he made me promise him something.
    He made me promise that I would do whatever I wanted in matter how scared I was..
    or how hard it would be..that i would just do it with no questions asked.
    I did..I made the promise that i would move away and go to fashion matter
    who disapproved or thought I couldn`t do it..or no matter how terribly scared I was.

    I`m still waiting to begin the promise I made to him.
    Even if we don`t speak anymore.
    I want to show him that I can do it.
    I want him to be proud of me.
    And I will..I promise.

    Now after spilling my guts to this blog for everyone to see..I still have one question.

    Do I keep waiting.
    Do I let those 4 years pass by to see what will become of us.

    I WILL.
    && I won`t forget you.

    pinky promise
    serious sam swear
    no crosses count.

  12. 14yoNorwegianLesbian Says:

    So I love someone. That’s across the world. In addition to that she’s a woman. And so am I. In addition to that I’m 15 and she’s 19. She’s very christian, I’m humanethical (ateist one could say).

    Still I can’t help but to want to be with her. I wanna fall asleep next to her and wake up next to her. I want to have kids with her, buy a house with her, spend my life with her.

    You see, gay marriage is legal here in Norway. And I can really see a future with her. We can talk all through the night, and even carry it on through out the day.

    I love her with all of my heart.

    Life works in crazy ways huh?

  13. Amanda Says:

    Im a white south african…so afrikaan
    he is a brown south african, we knew eachother as kids we were best friends,
    he is 2 years younger than I am we did everything together nothing could separate us,
    but…my parents were very careful when it came to the two of us,
    see, in south africa, people are very ignorant and there is a lot of discrimination
    and proud is a good word for it,
    especially when it comes to the Afikaans,
    so..white with white, brown with brown, black with get the picture.
    But my family moved to Canada, no contact was ever made again.
    so…when time passes people become memories,
    then ghosts, when are never remembered at all.
    time past very fast,
    when I was 15, I was at church one weekend and there was a new family, from south africa, so of course to be nice I approched the boy and his older brother,
    not even knowing who they where ect ect…
    instant friends…
    months passed and still nothing came to either of our minds
    that we could of known eachother from before
    I left south africa very young, so no memories really stuck with me,
    my family and I came here on refugee status and most of our belongings(pictures, books, clothes, ortaments)stayed in the country with other family.
    within a year we became best friends,
    and as I was over at their home for dinner looking through baby pictures and poking fun at my friend,
    I noticed a picture…with a little afrikaan girl…they were standing on the beach in Durban
    with other siblings, but the two were holding hands and the sun was setting,
    I looked coser, the girl was me…
    after we talked to both parents its was amazing, we stared at eachother in disbelief,
    I couldnt believe it.
    by then my parents were well..”canadianized”
    didnt matter who I was with and I dont think his parents cared either,
    they always said we would get married,
    we never believed it, always said best friends till the end, and thats it
    our mothers would say would say
    “true love waits and one day you’ll realize you’ve been waiting all along” 2 years later…his family had to move back, their visas ran out and they were denied for citizenship, my world as I knew it…shattered, my best friend in the WHOLE world was gone in a matter of months, when he told me, I couldnt even look at him without tears coming to my eyes. Again…we were torn apart. I still remember at the airport, saying our good byes, along with other friends,

    him “Amanda, some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart”

    me “Aj you idiot! cant believe you just quoted the land bfore time!! haha”

    he took my hand, and the hand of our friend and told us we had to take care of eachother now that he was leaving, recently found out he told our friend to look out for me, especially. I still remember crying at the airport, my tears felt like razor blades my heart ached like no pain I had ever felt before, nore want to ever again.
    we said our final goodbyes…and he was gone…

    this summer will be 4 years since he left, and we’re closer now then ever! it is feb 2009 now, and…I am in love…and so is he, we are older now and understand a little more than what we did back when he was living here, we were falling in love from very start, even as children, than even as teenagers. he is still in Africa, and I am still in Canada, the distance is hard, and, when I am there in december it will be even harder to face other relatives on both ends. But I will be fully ready to face the obsicles of discrimination
    as long as I am with him…
    I know it will be ok.

    its funny how life works,

    my mom said, I took a step off the “love cliff” and i have been falling for years, than I finally hit the bottom, and realised who was there…

    there wasnt really a BIG obsticle like other relationships face because most of our friendship was in a multicultural country, but international relationship is hard..and expesive, and once I move back to Africa, after I get my degree, it will be a lot harder then it was here.

    My mom was right

    true love does wait

  14. Hi I want to say that this is the most amazing song I ever heard and say THANK YOU for this that reminds me my forbidden love story.

    I´m a lesbian completely outside of the damned closet and I´m 19 y meet a wonderful woman on the internet.
    She´s also 26 and she have a beautiful daughter and we meet 2 years ago.
    I love her with all my soul and she loves me that way too.

    I was deeply in love with her that I had the courage to told my parents that I´m a lesbian and I have a girlfriend 8 years older than me and that she have a little daugther…as you can imagine my parents freak out they don´t say something bad about it but I know they don´t support that.

    My brother has been always my support he knows everything about me, and make me so happy heard him say “If you´re ok and happy on this way, I´ll be ok and happy too”.

    My friends accept that and I had a friendship more stronger after telling them the truth.

    Months ago after telling the truth to my parents I left home to live with her, as you can see I was a minor and my parents go to the police an we went to see my parents to settle differences, then the police come and took us to the station…they told me If I won´t get back with my parents they would take me to a boarding school until I turn 18,and my girlfriend would be sent to jail.

    I have to choose return to my home or not, If I choose one I know that it have the same end “I won´t see her again” I choose return to my home I never choose something that could hurt her or hurt our daugther, I prefer something that hurts me before something that could hurt them.

    After returning home I was so sad and I begged my mother to let me talk with her one more time, she let me and I call her. She said that if I wouldn´t call her she wouldn´t come to find me.

    So she gave me a cell phone that I kept in secret that was the only way I can feel her with me, that I can see the hope back to me, and the only way that I could know that our forbidden love were so much stronger everyday I cried all that time my soul was drowning in pain and tears…step half year after that and we can speak each other in secret my brother knew that and help me to see her with a little lies…then my parents let me see her again, when I told her she was so happy as I was.

    It could sound like a very very fiction story but isn´t it´s my story my forbidden love story…

    ¿what happend after that?

    well we live together for a year and it´s fantastic and I still love her like the first day.

    I cry when I remember those days ´cause I never imagine the end of this that I could live with her, to see our little daughter again… I could tell you that this little child turn my life on a completely way and I´m so PROUD to be with my grilfriend and OUR daughter.

    I´m sad ´cause in mexico we don´t have the same rights we have something named “sociedades de convivencia” but it don´t change your marital status I wish the world could hear our voices and be equal with everyone no matter your sexual orientation.

    Once again KARMINA THANK YOU for this AMAZING SONG!!!

    Ehmm well I’m sorry for my English into practice ¬¬”

  15. DPopken Says:

    Your music moves me on multiple levels. And ordinarily I would never do something like this, I am inspired!

    My story is one of clashing of cultures and background. I am from ne and she from ut. One conservative the other liberal. To be totally cheesy one a little bit country one a little bit rock and roll (thank you Osmond’s).

    I like to think it was love at first sight. She might say otherwise though. When I saw her she was so cool, it was refreshing becoming her bud. She was light, almost pale for someone of Mexican decent. The touch of lime set off a sparkle in her eyes, sooo delicious. I couldn’t get enough; I just wanted to drink her in.

    She just wanted to be friends however I wanted more. Our backgrounds so different, family’s not approving. I did eventual win her over. Next was the family, after having to jump through many hurdles. They too grew to love me. And we married. But the truest test was winning over her Uncle Rick and Aunt Lynda. And after many heated discussions and tequila, I was in…

    And it has been bliss ever since…especially now that I have found KARMINA!!!

  16. harper Says:

    Oh my God, dude she sounds sooo delicious. You got to hang on to the good ones. Good thing you won over aunt Lynda and uncle Rick. Truely inspiring and yes thank you karmina.

  17. flutiegurl44 Says:

    Forbidden love has to be the one of the hardest things to deal with. I am 19, almost 20 years old. And the man I am in love with is 33. That’s a 14 year age difference. I have come close to telling my family about him a few times, but I know that they would not be accepting of the situation. My family is a very close knit, traditional religious Italian-American family, and even when I dated a man that was 25 years old they had problems with it.
    I want so much to be with this man, age doesn’t matter at all to me. We’re in love and that should be enough. But not in this society…we have to judge relationships and people in relationships by appearances. I know that if I told my family about this man I love, the first thing they would assume is that he was using me. That he was some kind of pedophile who just wants to get with a younger woman. But that is far from the case. I’ve known him almost 3 years now, and it gets harder and harder every day to pretend that he doesn’t exist around my family.
    It gets worse though-because I can’t really be in a relationship with this man, I get really lonely, and decided to date. So, I currently have a boyfriend…and then this man that I know deep in my heart is my soulmate…and most days-it’s too much to handle.
    Listening to the lyrics of this song, they are so inspiring, I hope that whatever happens, the man I love is happy. That’s all I can ask for.

  18. Guy204 Says:

    I don’t even know how to start this. I guess I’m just really scared to spill out what I really feel inside. I am bound to my background cultural beliefs and my faith. You see, I am a muslim guy who fall in love with a white guy. The worst thing is that, being a muslim, homosexuality is strictly forbidden.

    It was all started very fast. We knew each other from one another’s blog and initially we were just “blog” friends and we did exchange email account. Then the rest is history like everyone would call it. We start to chat a lot, we do webcams and the relationship got so intense when he started to call one night. From his voice,I knew that he fell in love with me too!

    It’s been 5 months now that we established this “forbidden relationship”.I’m 22 years old and he’s 25.But I do not care. All I know, I fall for him and I love him so much. I never thought of loving a guy this bad. He is just so beatiful that I forgot about his gender.

    Honestly, I do not know where this relationship would take me to. Everytime I listen to “The Kiss”, it kinda give me the feeling of freedom..Freedom to be in love with someone, regardless their skin color, their ethnicity, their social status or their gender. For me,having someone to love me and care for me with no measure on the other side of this world is more than enough..

    I really love you Noah..I do..

  19. BeautifulNightmare Says:

    Love happens in all different kinds of ways, in the most unexpected of ways. I actually met the love of my life online, but that really doesn’t matter to me. It’s funny because at first, I didn’t even really want anything to do with him. I already liked some guy and was trying to focus my energy on getting with him. But then, one night, my wonderful now boyfriend decided to call me. I don’t know what it was, but the second I heard his voice, I was in love, even though I didn’t know it. He is the most amazing guy I have ever met, and this song made me think of him instantly. He is the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world, and every minute I don’t get to be with him hurts. He’s in California right now…but he promised to come see me soon. I miss him terribly when he’s away, but I know that our love is so much stronger than distance.

    My parents hate that I even talk to him, and they know nothing about he and I dating. Most of my friends don’t either…I want to wait to tell them until they can all meet him and see what a wonderful guy he truely is. My father hates any guy I date who doesn’t live within 10 miles of me, and so when he saw my phone records calling my boyfriend, he blocked his number. Although this makes talking to my baby a little harder, I still have faith that we will be together.

    I’m young, but I truely feel like I found him. He is so important to me, and all I want is to be with him every waking moment.

    Thank you Karmina for writing this song, and for allowing me to express my forbidden love for my boyfriend to the world ❤

    I love you baby…and I wanna be with you for as long as I live

  20. Jodi Says:

    I split up with my gf 2 weeks ago tommorrow. A day hasn’t gone by that we don’t talk i fell at this girls feet and im not good with feeling but with her i felt like nothing could go wrong but soon after i told her my dad found out she was 14 and im 17 he wasn’t happy at all tbh and sortly after her parents went off about the fact she was gay threated to kick her owt and everything and i wasn’t alowed over to hers and she was only allowed out at weekends and i figured the fact that we would have so little time to see each other it wouldnt work and it would be for the best as we would miss each other way to much and this could lead to arguments and just it all fall to pieces before it started so i figured ending it was for the best but i have never missed a person as much the fact when i see her i cannot hold her and kiss her like we used to but after listening to the kiss it really got me thinking about the situation were in and i figured if i carnt have her i dont want anyone else to and if i don’t give it a chance i’ll never know and waiting simpily isn’t going to work as we both could find something we dont wanna leave by then i love this girl thats all there is to it. so thank you karmina for makin me relise shes all i want and all i’ll ever need.

  21. Karla Says:

    When me and my boyfriend first kissed this song came on the radio. At frist we didnt think anything of it, but when we heard it again we realized this song talked about what we are going thru. I am a catholic and my boyfriend is a christian, he is actually a pastors son. Because of our difference in religion we cant actually be togheter. His religion forbids it. We know we can never get married unless i change to his religion. But my parents would never accept that and his parents would never accept for him to change either. Because of this song it gave us hope that we can be together, other people are doing it, why not us. It has been hard for both of us because we love each other so much we cant be apart. His dad has told us many thime we cant be together unless i change religion, but not even that has stopped us from being together. We have been together for a year now and we have been the happiest, a couple can be. He makes me feel so special and loved i couldnt imagine being without him. Thank you so mech for your song because it has kept me and my boyfriend going with our relationship and know that we can be together no matter what people say.

  22. lexi7590 Says:

    i am in love with this great guy he is perfect in every way but we have one major issue he is christian i am Jewish my religion stands in the way not that i care too much i just want Jewish kids so today he completely shocked me he said he was gonna convert sometime between now and our 2 year anniversary,its our one month in3 weeks, 😀 and wow i was so happy, sometimes love is all that matters 🙂

  23. iloveher! Says:

    I just came accross this song a couple of minutes ago and couldn’t feel any happier. Homosexuality, mostly among women, has been projected in our society as sexual, sinful – all the negative terms. However, when a girl finds herself falling for another girl, homosexuality doesn’t feel that way.

    I met her this summer and even though we were both attracted to other girls in the past, we never embraced our sexuality, mostly because of fear. However, things between us were different and we found ourselves falling in love with one another. We are seniors in high school although we don’t attend the same school. We live 40 minutes away and rarely see each other. Very few of our friends know but those who do know, are very accepting. In my case, however, one of my closest friends turned her back on me. She’ve said a couple of comments that have broken my heart. I wanted to be honest with her and hoped she would understand. Apparently she didn’t.

    For those who are quick to judge homosexuality: it is not as easy as it seems. Being unfairly judged is the most difficult thing to bear. I love this girl and we are doing everything possible to keep our relationship silent but it’s hard. It’s not our fault that we are this way. We tried to fight this but jeopardizing our relationship because of others’ acceptance isn’t fair. Or is it? Is it our fault that we can’t avoid this? Why can’t society understand this?

    Our families won’t understand us, neither will society. That, alone, is hard enough. Not being able to spend time with each other is even worst. The little time that we see each other is extremely cherished although we can’t express our true feelings for one another because “people will throw a fit”. This is terrible! This also refers to the couples that aren’t accepted because of race, social, economic or religious boundaries.

    This song gives me hope that one day it’ll be okay for same-sex couples to walk holding hands without worrying of being scorned or underestimated. Thank you Karmina.

  24. xXemoXxXgirlXx Says:

    hmmm ok first i wanna say i love ur song karmina, its rlly nice and heres my love story its not rlly a forbidden love story but its sweet so here it goes….

    ok so wen i was 12 i went on this public chat and i met danny and julie, their 14 and danny was telling julie tht they hav been friend for years and tht she couldnt break up with him bc he loved her and she said, danny u dont rlly love me, but one day ull find the girl tht u really love, and so i helped with their love problems and stuffand the 3 of us became rlly rlly close friends. like rlly close that me and julie would talk about our periods infront of him haha anyway,

    but i also met david, i met david hes the best friend of danny and so i became rlly close with danny and david, and i didnt tlk to julie for a lone time bc she wasnt online so i was onlytlking to danny and david and they would be on dannys screenname bc david was sleeping over dnanys house for a week cuz his parents were having a vacation somewhere and so the three of us would talk from 12pm all the way til 4am everyday it was summer, so we didnt hav school, and so it was rlly funny,

    danny and david would be teasing eacother and telling embarrasing secrets to me like, danny would say tht dvaid has hearts on his boxers and they would start “fighting” it was rlly cute, and than one night i was tlking to danny because david was sleeping and dannny doesnt rlly tell people about his feelings but i said to him tht he could tell me anything and ever since than danny has told me EVERYTHING he doesnt even tell julie and david and hes known them since they were born, \

    than one night i was tlking to david and david told me a lot of secrets like about family problems and he didnt even tell julie or danny before, and i felt rlly bad for him and so those nights made me danny and david closer than ever.

    than after a while i ddint tlk to david and danny for 2 months and thts like years to us bc we would tlk all night they were ignoring me for 2 months they just didnt go online than i spoke to david again and out of no where he said i love you and i was like wat the heck, u dont tlk to me for 2 months and u tlel me tht u love me? and he said he was sorry and asked me to be his girlfriend and i said no so he signed off than danny came on and i told him tht david asked me out and i said no and danny was acting rlly weird he was like, “ew david? weird” and i said weird? hes ur best friend and danny said nevermind than david came back on and he told me tht if i wont be his girlfriend he wouldnt tlk to me ever again so i didnt wanna lose him so i said ok

    and we were together, but we never met yet just tlking online and than one night danny said to me, dont do this ellen, and i was like, do wat? and he said dont date david he didnt do anything its just howi feel about u….together.. and i didnt rlly get it so he said, ever since tht night u said tht i could tel u anything, ive loved u and i got angr and told him, all these months u tlking to me about girls and dating and uve loved me? why didnt u just tell me! and he said tht he was stupid and i said tht he has asked out milllions of girls and tht he couldve just told me and he said those girls dont matter wen it comes to the real girl.

    and i said oh… so i broke up with david and i told them both tht we woulde just be friends. than on my 13th birthday,i met david and danny, julie was grounded so she couldnt come so as soon as i saw david and danny i just jumped on them.they were sleeping over for the weekend and they were 16 already and they were big and the three of us were just happy joking aorund as usuall and

    than we were in my room, we were siting on my bed playing cards wen all of a sudden danny kissed me and i just sat there in shock, than david punched danny an they started fighting and i had to stop them mybrother came in and broke them up and left the house because he was annoyed, so i had to give the boys ice and stuff, than david grabbed me and kissed me and danny was about to hit him but i stopped him and i yelled at them and i said wat the fuck were u two thinking.

    so i told them both to forget this ever happened and they agreed so they slept over for the rest of the weekend just us and than before they left danny kissed me and i didnt wanna stop him so we were just making out in front of david than wen we stopped kissing david just looked at danny and walked out the room. than danny left too, julie told me tht wen they got to the house they started fighting than david stopped and told danny to just look out for me…..

    so now im 16 danny and david are 19 and im dating danny we’ve been dating for 3 years now. david got over me 2 yrs ago and started dating again but the three of us are closer than ever and me and danny are inlove, as ever.

    the end. oh and illl describe how they look, danny has like spikeduphair… stefan from the vampire diaries, the new show, his hair is like tht not like weird spikey and he has green eyes and his hair is dark brown david has hair thts like shaggy thts dark brown and he has blue eyes. and me i hav long dark dark brown hair its rlly rlly wavy, (i like my hair lol) and i have bangs, normal bangs tht r like overur forhead and i hav blonde highlights. i just died my hair it looks cool. and julie has blonde hair and brown eyes.

  25. danielle&cassie Says:

    hia im danielle…
    and im cassie (pronounced as c-AH-ssie)

    we’ve been best friends like since we were tods and we do EVERYTHING together, so one night we decided to makeout just for fun and so we did and we found that we were attracted to eachother, well danielle was attracted to me first (cassie) but she didnt tell me and she was embarrased about being attracted to girls, and im already bisexual so than after months danielle finally told me that she was attracted to me but she asked me not to tell her parents because they dont approve of like lesbian and stuff

    danielle here now, yea my parents arent rlly against it their just not proud of it. but me and cassie date in secret like whenever we hav sleepovers we would lock the room door and kiss and we would tlk about our relationsship. but than cassies parents said they would tlk to my parents about us dating bc they were fine with it, but my parents didnt like it so they didnt let me tlk to cassie and i was heart broken, but than one night i told my parents tht imlesbian and i love cassie and they should love me for me so they gave cassie a chance and welcomed her back into the family, and we’re dating but we dont kiss infront of my parents cassies parents r ok with it like they totally dig it they support cassie 100% so anyway now me and cassie r together and we’re best friends as always just with the love and rything, and now our whole school knows we’re together and our friends were cool with i


    btw we’re 16

  26. candra Says:

    Well my story begins three years ago when i was 12. On the way to camp i became friends with the most amazing girl. For the next three years we were the best of friends but there was one secret that was eating at me a secret that could have ruind are friendship. For the past three years i had had a major crush on her. One day i finally came out and told her how i felt. She told me that she felt the same and my heart flew higher then ever. I told my mom and she was happy for me but when i asked her if i could go see her this weekend she told me no that i wasnt alowed to ever. I cryed and for the next week i could only talk to her on the phone. Soon figured out that the only way i would ever see her again was to tell my mom we had broke up so i did. So from then to now i love has been a secret from both our famlies from her because of them very christan and mine because of well you already know that. Many times i was about to give up on it because of how my “friends” would treat us but every time i would remember that first kiss the sweetest kiss and i knew i could make it through all the stuff people were puting me through. My love for anisa is strong and will forever be no matter how forbidden our love is. Your song reminded me of that.
    Thank you

  27. Candra Says:

    For the past year ive been dating this guy who is a few year older then me and lives in a dirrent state. so many people tell me that it will never last that all he will ever do is hurt me. My mom does not aprove and doesnt like him. One day she said i couldnt talk to him and we argued until i finnaly won by explaneing to her what he truely ment to me. Its hard because she still doesnt aprove the fact that he lives more then 11 hours away doesnt help ethier but we fight through it. I get called many names but we always fight through it. Our love is stronger then ever and will always stay that way. I also wanted to thank you guys for reminding me that no matter what we love each other. ^_^

  28. lexikins:) Says:

    My story began when i was 14 almost 15 and my bf who was 15 at the time. I was the type of girl who was raised right, i was nice, got good grades,got along with everyone. But draye. he ran with the wrong crowd. He did drugs, drank, ran around with super creepy people! Now my parent are old fasioned, they believe they should be the ones to find me the right person, cause that is how my grandparents raised theim.! ugh! They found this weird guy for me named blake, he was like a blond haird ken doll, and weird. After i hung out with blake at a couple of volunteer groups at my churchs fundraiser i noticed dray looking across the street at me, first i thougth yuck what a perv. after a couple of seeing each other he asked me how he could volunteer at the church for things. i thought that was quite odd considering he wasnt church type but i gave him the information. He came to the volunter things like he said, where also BLAKE volunteered at! Of course draye started picking on me, playfuly, he would chase me around the yard and turned out to be a really nice guy, that i was atchually really suprised about, but people started looking at me weird, especially because im white, and draye was black! This was NOT aloud in my family, i tried to deny me liking him but i couldnt even fool myself into beliving that! i was falling for him, and him for me. My mom and dad flat out told me i was nottt to hang out with him! Blake was going to be for me. But late at night i would sneek outback to our pond and meet up with draye, we would swim, and play around, i loved him sooo much and he loved me…..the most terrifying day for me was when i seen the little plus sign…yup i was pregnant! i couldnt believe drayes reaction he was excited! i was scared. After him and his crew getting into a fight with someone else draye told me he didnt want me to be around that , he said he didnt want theim to find out that he was my gf, and i was pregnant with his child, he thougth they would hurt me or worse kill me! i cried he cried, and said he was going to get out of that and come back to me. he prommised. And yes he kept it. Today im 28 years old and me and draye our happily married with 3 kids. When i told my parent about me being pregnant they were absoulty discusted with me and had me leave, it took a few years but they eventually started coming around again to this day i still dont think they like draye but he doesnt care. Draye always tells me that me and the baby saved his life. And everyday still feels like the first day we feel hard for each other , he still holds doors open for me, he brings me flowers, and buys me stuff like crazy. I love him and my wonderful children he gave me, and it was worth going thru all that hell i got not just from my parents but everyone else as well. Not one regret i love you draye forever and always babe.

  29. debraannsena Says:

    let it all be known i am in love with cecil dean hemphill and it feels like he fell out of love with me!no matter what i will always love my soulmate forever and not just for lust. love debraann , the one forbidden love these people are killing it its going away you wanted it!goodbye my love!@

  30. debraannsena Says:


  31. debraann Says:

    i LOVE cECIL deAN,forever love DEbraann



  33. Rna Says:

    I’m 25 and my boyfriend is 20. We’ve been together a year and I’m now pregnant. Many people looked down on our relationship when we first got together because he was so close out of high school and I wasn’t. Most people kept saying.. It would be different if he was five years OLDER than you. It made me feel like such a bad person and so indifferent on dating him in the beginning but I’m glad I didn’t listen to them because I fell in love with him. I know statistically women mature faster than men and that’s why so many people were against it but I couldn’t help it he was and still is everything I wanted and more. I used to feel I was taking his life away so young but he loves me so much. Oddly it’s like he’s the older one lol

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