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Have you ever been so in love or infatuated with someone, that you want to tell everyone about your love…but you don’t dare tell anyone as your love is a type of “Forbidden Love” and you are afraid that some people will look down on your relationship or even try to take the person away from you somehow:
“I know we don’t belong, everyone says it’s wrong
We come from different ways, so I tried to erase everything that I felt
Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more
Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for”


We call this situation “Forbidden Love“, and it is a fairly widespread phenomenon! It’s a love that perseveres in the face of disapproval from others, whether it be overcoming bigotry, the judgment of friends and family or the pressures of society. To describe the pain and pressures that such judgment and disapproval can inflict, in the video we use captions such as “outcast,” “shamed,” “misunderstood,” “disowned,” “scorned,” “denied,” “resented,” “discharged,” and “questioned.” As we all know, love conquers all, and “the kiss,” which also symbolizes the love, gives you strength so that you “don’t care anymore” what others will think, say or do! In fact, you will probably say and feel that “I wish the world could hear” about your Forbidden Love story!  Post it here!
“My heart is getting loud
I’m trying to keep it down
I wish the world could hear
But I can’t help but fear that they’ll take you away, you away…
Then you kiss me and suddenly I don’t care any more
Something in me tells me you’re the one I’m looking for
From the kiss, from the kiss”

That, in essence, is the theme of our song, The Kiss. The couples featured in our music video of The Kiss, and, in particular, the three couples featured in the video interviews below, are sharing their stories of Forbidden Love, and we want to give you an opportunity to share yours as well, and to inspire, and even help, others!

Karmina’s song The Kiss was influenced by Shakespeare’s classic story Romeo and Juliet and you will even find certain of his prose intertwined in the song’s lyrics:
“Palm to palm, let lips do what hands do
They pray
Is it a sin to do what we want to?
Don’t care where we’ve been, give me my sin again”

We will be choosing select Forbidden Love stories for a video interview and, for an even more select few, a media appearance with Karmina!

Please share YOUR story in our Forbidden Love Blog, below. We really look forward to hearing from you!!

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